About Columbia River VetERinary Specialists

Columbia River VetERinary Specialists is an Emergency and Specialty veterinary hospital located in Vancouver, Washington that has been serving our local community in both Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon for over 30 years. We are a dedicated team of Board Certified Veterinary Specialists working collaboratively to ensure excellence in specialized care for your pets.  Our skilled and compassionate team of Specialists, ER Doctors, Technicians, Assistants and Receptionists work together as a seamless team in order to provide nothing but exceptional treatment for all of our patients. You can rest assured that your pet’s well-being and comfort is always a priority at Columbia River VetERinary Specialists.

Our Veterinary Specialists, just like medical specialists for people, have devoted their lives and careers to a specific course of advanced study and training. After completing four years of Veterinary School, a Veterinary Specialist’s training includes a one year Internship followed by an advanced three year residency in their area of specialization and a rigorous examination. It is only after this intensive training that they are permitted to call themselves a “Specialist,” and it is this devotion to their craft that allows them to shine in a specific area of veterinary medicine. Our specialists are each Board Certified in a different specialty and together are able to provide comprehensive solutions for even the most complex medical and surgical problems.

Our Veterinary Specialists are experts in Emergency and Critical CareInternal Medicine, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Surgery, Neurology and Cardiology. They act as consultants who support the practice of your family veterinarian in a way that is similar to the way your primary care physician may refer you to a specialist for further assessment and diagnosis.  Our team will keep in contact with you and your family veterinarian after your pet’s specialty consultation at our hospital.  In the event that your pet is hospitalized, our team will keep in constant communication with both you and your family veterinarian throughout your pet’s stay at our hospital. We make sure we are providing you with the best information possible when it comes to making the important decisions for you, your pet and your family.