COVID-19: Health And Safety Are Our #1 Concern

Our Hospital Is OPEN For You And Your Pet!

Due to concerns about the novel coronavirus and related disease (COVID-19), We are taking additional precautionary measures (per the recommendations of the CDC) within the hospital to keep our staff, doctors, animals, clients, and visitors safe, while continuing to provide essential patient care.

We have increased our sanitizing protocols around the hospital for client and staff safety. Additionally, we have initiated curbside check-in procedures to allow us to remain OPEN and continue to care for our patients. We can review medical treatment plans by phone and email and have secure online payment if clients are not able to accompany their pet to the appointment.

If you are experiencing symptoms (fever, cough, sneezing, shortness of breath) you must notify our front desk staff. If your pet has a scheduled appointment with one of our specialists, please reach out to us to reschedule your appointment. If your pet is having an emergency and you have symptoms, please consider having a family member or friend bring your pet in and be sure to notify our staff over the phone.

Our primary goal is to stay healthy, keep others around us healthy and continue to provide service throughout the duration of this pandemic.

We also are adding the use of telemedicine for clients when possible. This tool will allow us to evaluate patients electronically and prescribe medications you can pick up in clinic. Please call us to see if this option would be a fit for you and your pet’s situation.

Also for clients who do not want to travel into the clinic please utilize our Hospital’s Online Pharmacy. This can be a great resource to ensure proper social distancing, but still provide the necessary medications and nutritional products.

Thank you for all your dedication and support during these challenging times! Please reach out with any questions.


  1. Please call 360-694-3007 when you arrive. Provide a phone number where we can reach you immediately.
  2. Remain in your vehicle until a CRVS team member comes to your car.
  3. A team member will go over pet history, concerns, symptoms, and questions.
  4. For safety, we may request that you remove clothing items from your pet and remove the pet from the car.
  5. We will bring your pet into the building for an exam and determine what diagnostics and treatments are recommended.
  6. For everyone’s safety, wait in your car instead of our lobby. The wait time may be substantial for ER services. You are encouraged to call at any time if you would like an update. *Restrooms are available, please call first.
  7. Notify the front desk BEFORE leaving your designated parking space and also UPON RETURN. Please do NOT leave until your pet’s vitals have been taken and you have spoken to a technician or an assistant.
  8. One of our doctors will call to go over findings and discuss recommendations for the treat- ment plan. Emergency authorization for unstable patients will be obtained as needed.
  9. We will call when treatments are completed. Instructions will be provided on how to promptly make a payment. *Major credit cards and Care Credit accepted.
  10. Once payment is received, and your pet’s treatment is completed the medical staff will bring your pet out to your vehicle.
  11. You will be given a copy of discharge instructions that will explain how to care for your pet after you return home.


  • Water for Pets: If you feel your pet needs water, please call our reception team at 360-694-3007 and let them know. If medically appropriate, our staff will bring water to you.
  • Vending Machines and Bathrooms: You are welcome to utilize the bathrooms and vending machines when necessary. Please call before entering the building.
  • Numbered Parking Spaces: Parking spaces in front of the building have a number to keep track of clients. You are welcome to leave briefly to get food, etc. but PLEASE call and let our reception team know first. When you return, please call the front desk to confirm location of new parking space.