Emergency Veterinarians and Clinicians

Our Veterinarians are committed to the study of emergency medicine and keep current on the latest emerging treatments within this specialty. They enjoy the intellectual challenge of managing diverse and complex medical conditions in a constantly changing, fast paced environment. These compassionate and skilled doctors are able to provide top quality care at a moment’s notice — regardless of the emergency.

Dr. Lydia Kazmar

Dr. Emily Sachs

Emergency and Critical Care Technicians

Our Veterinary Technicians play a vital role in the care of your pet while they are hospitalized. Licensed Veterinary Technicians have completed training and education to prepare them to take and pass a National Board Exam. As in a human hospital, these skilled professionals interface closely with patients and doctors, ensuring that each patient receives expert attention around the clock. They are dedicated to patient care and comfort and spend a good deal of time working one on one with their patients.

*The ASPCA toxic plant list contains names and photos of plants that have been reported as having negative effects on animals.  We are providing the ASPCA link to assist you in identifying poisonous plants that your pet may have been exposed to. Please understand that this service is not intended as a method of providing a definitive diagnosis for your pet.  The ASPCA site also includes a 24-hour emergency poison hotline telephone number. Be aware that the ASPCA does charge a phone consultation fee, however the information you gain from the consultation is valuable and may be used in the treatment of your pet. The Animal Poison Control Center may refer you to your local animal emergency hospital to seek treatment for your pet.  If you think your pet may have been exposed to or ingested toxic materials, please call CRVS at 360-694-3007.